Forteon Technology provides a unique and personal Corporate IT service that differs from the commoditised marketplace of “pile-it-high” self service options where often no one is accountable for your business. 


Our unique Disaster Avoidance philosophy means we don’t just patch and fix; Forteon builds solutions to avoid disaster in the first place not just recover from it. 


 We combine our fully managed, market-leading telecoms and internet-based technologies, which sit within our 100% wholly-owned infrastructure and core network and deliver them with our unique approach and human touch.


We’ve been thought-leaders at the bleeding edge of technology since the birth of e-commerce. 

With over 20 years’ experience we’ve worked with some of the biggest names, helping to shape the landscape you operate in today.


We help you keep your email always switched on


We help you keep your app or service always switched on


We help you keep your resilient system for securely processing large volumes of high-value transactions always switched on


 We help you keep the safeguards on your data always switched on


We help you keep your privacy protection always switched on

We help you keep your business permanently switched on

Our GDPR preparedness means your compliance will be strong and your turnover will not be at risk





Because not all clouds are created equal…

Always On

100% uptime SLA

We deliver Industry leading SLA and advanced failover systems to ensure continuity

High Performance

Don’t be slowed down

Our network and servers have been designed for Peak Performance to facilitate real world business 

Fully Managed

Always here for you

Expert Proactive management and support available when you need it

Private Infrastructure

Secure end-to-end Delivery

We have full control over every aspect of our network, service and infrastructure guaranteeing your needs are always met

Your Digital Guardians

Protecting you online

Ensuring you meet the strictest security and storage regulations. Disaster Recovery, Backup and Compliance at the heart of our delivery.

100% Hardware Free

No more “On Premise”

No more worries about the cost of installing or maintenance tasks; upgrading, monitoring, storing and supporting your own physical “On Premise” servers.

Free your Workforce

Don’t be tied to your desk

Intuitive business systems accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, over smartphone, laptop and tablet.

Private Infrastructure
Flexible growth options

Manage your budget in a way that you can scale without the guesswork. We will help you implement processes to free yourself to concentrate on your business and not the IT issues that come with growth.


Jamie Easterman

Managing Director

Jamie can’t stop and won’t stop. That’s probably why coffee is his best friend. Running on sheer drive and a relentless vision, Jamie will cross the finish line and then will keep on sprinting for miles. For him, there’s no point in slowing down when there’s limitless potential for change.

Alex Stender

Operations Director

For Alex, there are no problems, only solutions. What gets him out of bed in the morning are the people that make this world move, and he’s on a mission to help them move it. He loves technology and the good it can do to business and people.