Over the years we have worked with many different legal services firms, solicitors, public defenders & general practitioners on a variety of different software solutions.

What we bring to the party for them is compliance, continuity of service, of IT provision from their desktops to the cloud with a guaranteed infrastructure between the cloud and delivery that guarantees that they can continue working regardless of what challenges are thrown at them.

A couple of years ago, a current Holborn-based law firm client of ours, not a client at the time mind you, couldn’t access their offices, their file servers, their email systems. They were locked out of their offices because of a local exchange fire.


Those that had their services based in their offices were literally locked out of their business and the down time cost them tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of billable pounds in lost business.

So specifically our connectivity and application topology is designed to ensure continuity of work, of being able to work anywhere.

Disaster avoidance in the first place, not just mere disaster recovery plans.

Always on.

Private Cloud and private security gives a certain location specificity especially around privacy controls.

Guarantees of resilience and redundancy are now legally stipulated. Up to date and state of the art compliant computing and methodologies to protect the business environment and the sensitivity of data all need to be considered in the design and delivery of processing and controls around sensitive personal data and solicitors are dealing with that. More now than ever due to GDPR of course. For themselves and their clients.

We understand those pain points explicitly and the end points that need to be managed from desktops, devices and other public infrastructures to be able to facilitate secure, always on, methods of working.

File storage and case archive management are a big part obviously of different ways that different firms work. There are different solutions out there that need to be adapted to the needs of the client so obviously looking at the clients needs we can adapt enterprise management, archiving solutions, email, collaboration etc solutions that enable all the information to be shared securely and compliantly.

Collaborated version control, backed up, centralised and always available regardless of whether there is a local issue in one of the offices. Whether people are working from home or from half way round the world, they’ve got access to information that is still securely managed and roles- and rights-based with other tiers of solution available. But again, we fit the right solutions appropriately to the needs of the client.

Always working to avoid disaster. Always keeping our clients, legal or otherwise switched on and revenue generating.

Downtime is a smokescreen for an inefficient and frankly poorly planned architecture.

Happy to prove it to you on paper for your business. Legal or otherwise. Just get in touch with me via my LinkedIn profile.