“The recent NHS cyber attack is ‘only just beginning’ as hackers use ‘malware atomic bomb’ to turn hijacked machines into infectious ‘zombies’.”

– A headline today from a National newspaper.

The impact of Cyber security issues such as the recent ‘WannaCry’ Ransomware that infected the NHS can be applied to every business and the actual cost of not managing IT, updating hardware and software effectively can be measured in Billions as a result.
This has been disastrous for many businesses, disrupting front line services for days and the cost of the clean up still needs to measured.

So far, over 213,000 computers across 99 countries around the world have been infected, and the infection is still rising even hours after the kill switch was triggered by a 22-years-old British security researcher.

The truth of the matter is that this and other IT issues that affect business operations are completely avoidable by using some simple but effective processes, which we apply every day with our customers.

Forteon Technology protect our customers from the Desktop to the Cloud with business class IT solutions delivered with fully managed Proactive support processes to keep our customers as secure, protected and available as possible, with minimal downtime should ever an issue arise.

We go beyond the last mile to make sure you are using the best technology tools to protect your business and communicate effectively whatever the disaster.


  • Secure Cloud services designed and delivered within a highly resilient server and core network infrastructure designed for mission critical online activities
  • Fully managed Telephony and Internet Connectivity delivered into our ultra fast, highly available core network to ensure end to end quality of service with no gaps in delivery
  • Advanced Patch Management – We keep applications, desktop and server systems fully up to date.
  • Multi-Layer Anti-Virus – no single AV vendor covers all so we use over 5 Anti-virus solutions through email to your desktop
  • Multiple Backup locations – Our data is stored in multiple known locations for Disaster Recovery and Compliance. We control where your data is so you have security and peace of mind
  • Lightning fast time to recovery. Due to the design and delivery of our services. If disaster strikes your hardware, you can work instantly from another device

Not all clouds are created equal

Not all IT Support and Services are the same

Forteon Technology – Always Switched On!