Short Term Internet Access

Short term Internet access

If your business needs short term Internet connectivity for any reason (events, moving office etc.), Forteon Technology can provide fast and reliable temporary Internet Access for multiple users, with fast upload/download speeds upto 100Mb. We don’t take chances with our IT and you don’t need to either.

This connection can be provided fast both whilst waiting for a fibre install and as a business continuity, Disaster Avoidance / Disaster Recovery, resilient failover connection afterwards.

Forteon Technology are happy to provide a fast service until your fibre is installed for three months and then downgrade the service to a slower speed for avoidance / resilience and cost saving for the remainder of the contract.

In the event of a fibre outage we can then remotely turn back up the speed for a month whilst it is fixed.

Forteon Technology can provide full setup, equipment, installation and local technical support for internet connectivity for your event, which can be open-air using wireless technology or if you are taking a temporary office, we can provide DSL on a one month contract or Wimax or Wibre fast synchronous connectivity, both options can be provisioned very quickly, typically in under two weeks.

We have provided news organisations with connectivity for the Royal Wedding and can help you with other major public events that are vital to your business.

We can also provide reliable fast, mobile Internet over 3G or 4G with static public IP address for your business and also for remote access/support of unmanned equipment/kiosks in public locations.

Richard Lefevre, Group IT Director of Lowe Profero Global commented after we speedily installed a temporary 50Mb Wimax service, when their fibre was delayed two weeks before moving into their new London offices:

“The WiMax service has served us very well, Thanks for saving our proverbial bacon!”

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